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Abundant Life Publications President


Amazon Best-Selling Author

Award-Winning Leadership Expert

Award-Winning Mentoring Expert

Award-Winning Speaker

Award-Winning Trainer

Award-Winning Writer


(Expertise:  Marketing, Nonprofit Organization Management, Trauma-Informed Strategic Planning, Vision and Mission Development)

Certified Mentoring Program Trainer

(Topics:  Career Shadowing Partnerships, College Partnerships, Corporate Partnerships and Trauma-Informed Programs)

Chief Celebration Officer (Planning Fun Events is a Superpower!)

Copywriter, Project Dream Light

(Expertise:  HBCU History Makers and Planet Bougie)

Freedom Writer Teacher

Freelance Photographer

Five-Star Rated Instructor, Indiana University Northwest (Center for Urban and Regional Excellence)

(Courses:  The grief recovery process, Business Building Basics and Canva Design for Business Marketing)

Gary Life Education Initiative Incorporated Founder



Policy and Procedures Developer

Professional Digital Content Creator

Program Developer

Project Manager


Purpose Promoter

Webinar Developer

Workshop Developer (Topics:  Business, Marketing, Marriage, College and Career Readiness)

Worthy Empowerment Tour Founder

World Changer





Tavetta Patterson 

One of the Top 50 Courageous Women in Business, Leadership, and Entertainment

August 2022

Tavetta Patterson began writing and speaking at public programs when she was eight years old.  Her gifts provided a way to process some of the childhood trauma that she experienced.  By age 13, she was leading peer mentoring programs to help children who had survived childhood trauma.  By age 18, she was establishing transformative community organizations to advocate for children and their families.   Her life is proof that trauma can be transformed into triumph when you discover and live your purpose.  She has invested the last 30 years of her life working with children who have experienced trauma, to help them discover and live their purpose.  Tavetta firmly believes the younger you are when you discover your purpose, the longer you get to enjoy living your purpose!  She has written 18 books and 10 of those books were written in 2020 during a global pandemic.  While the world was in lock down, she was determined not to put her creativity in lock down.  Tavetta currently has nine books published, five that she wrote individually and four as a contributing writer.  Tavetta  has participated in writing contests; workshops; webinars; speaker tours; television interviews; speech contests; radio interviews, podcast interviews; conferences and book talks.  

Tavetta Patterson is the Founder of Abundant Life Publications. She established this first-class consulting and publishing company February of 2006 in Gary, Indiana.  She has provided consulting services for 30 companies.  She has published 10 magazines; 16 books; created a television program based on a magazine; wrote the initial television program treatment; then produced and hosted 13 television programs.


Award-Winning Mentor and Philanthropist:

Tavetta Patterson is the Founder of Gary Life Education Initiative Incorporated, a student focused, 501c3 organization that empowers children for life, through mentoring; youth leadership development; workforce development; an innovative care package program; college and career readiness services.  She has been dedicated to youth work for 31 years of her life.  Her focus is cultivating greatness in children and communities.  To date, she has provided services for 21,000 children and their families.  


Tavetta Patterson has more than 31 years of award-winning leadership development and mentoring experience.  She began peer mentoring in 1991 and she has been dedicated to advocating for children since that time. She also has more than 20 years of program development and implementation experience. She organized three nonprofit organizations between 1998 and 2008.  At the heart of everything that she does is the desire to see people discover and live their purpose.

July 26, 2022, Tavetta Patterson was awarded her first trademark:  Billionaire is my Birthright®

She is on a mission to transform conversations about wealth.

The Journey

Tavetta Began Her Life in the Housing Projects of 

Gary, Indiana

She travels to speak about the importance of housing security and how to ensure that where you are born does not limit how far you can go in life.

Award Winning Public Speaker and Published Author:

Tavetta Patterson has spoken locally and nationally at colleges; corporations; education conferences; leadership conferences; renewal events; schools; women's empowerment events; writers conferences and youth conferences. She has been featured on television programs such as You & Me This Morning (WCIU Television Station) and Fox Chicago Television Station. She has been featured on WLTH and WYCA radio stations.


During grade school there were teachers who believed in her ability as a writer and public speaker.  She had the honor of writing her very first program and speaking on stage when she was eight years old, under the guidance of Ms. Suda Hopkins. During high school her English Teachers:  Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Barnes encouraged her to enter writing contests.  Mrs. Barnes submitted her poems to national contests.  As a result, she had the honor of being a published writer as a high school student.  That poem led to a collection of poems and speeches being published as her first book released July 2002, entitled, “The Tongue of Life."  

August 2, 2014, she released her second and third books, a novel entitled, “The Secrets We Keep” and an inspirational memoir entitled, “The Bridge that Brought Me Over." August 2015, she released a book entitled, "From Mourning to the Morning" to help people with grief recovery. The book was dedicated to her Mother, Addie Porter who passed Monday August 5, 2013, at 7a.m. as Tavetta stood by her bedside. The day was one of the most difficult experiences of her life; however, Tavetta was determined not to allow the experience to break her, so she wrote about the journey to peace to help other people navigate life during the transition of a loved one.

She also wrote and released a book with her husband, Roosevelt D. Patterson, entitled, "Marriage Truths." The book was written to help people thrive in marriage. The book is a roadmap for victory in marriage. Roosevelt and Tavetta Patterson have courageously walked through open doors to share valuable life lessons they have learned about life through 15 years of marriage. They are available to speak at marriage conferences and events.

Tavetta Patterson was invited to collaborate on a book entitled "Learning to Love Me." The book includes stories written by 20 different women from 10 different states. It was written to help people become a priority in their own life again. Each book that she has written can be used as a tool to navigate various stages of this journey called, "Life."

August 1, 2021, was the release date for a life changing book entitled, "No."  Tavetta released the book in honor of her Mother's birthday.  It is the first of 10 books that were written in 2020.  The book was written to equip people to transition from being people-pleasers to being purpose-driven world changers.  Everyone on earth has the same 24 hours each day.  True success in life and business depends on how you manage saying, "No." This book provides the tools that equip you to gain clarity about your No. It also includes: strategies for setting boundaries, assessing the past, preparing for the future and living a life of freedom from the disease to please. You will also gain tools to implement a powerful and purposeful word that is a complete sentence, "No."

Tavetta Patterson is available for online speaking engagements including:

Book Club events

College events


Corporate events

Educational services

Grief recovery services

Leadership events

Marriage events

Nonprofit Organization events


Parent University Presentations

Professional development services

Radio shows

Renewal events


Television shows


Virtual Summits

Vision board parties


Women Empowerment Events


Youth Group events

Zoom events

Awards Summary

United Way Star Awards (2016):

United Way Trailblazer Award

United Way Volunteer of the Year Award

The Journey Executive Fellowship (2016)

Freedom Writers Institute (Long Beach, California 2016)

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (2015)

Leaders as Heroes Award South Shore Leadership Center (2013)

Indiana Governor’s Service Award for Volunteerism (2011)

Youth Unshackled Ministries 

“You’ve Made a Difference” Award (2011)

Center for Mentors

Leadership in Mentoring Award (2011)

Radical Woman of Faith Award (2011)

World Changers Church International

(College Park, Georgia)

The book that inspired "Talk Through grief" and "Write Through grief."

Courses have been provided online, on college campuses, corporations, with families and individuals.

"The grief is universal, but the experience is individual."

Tavetta Patterson

"Write Through grief" was developed

to empower people to grow through grief, 

instead of being stuck in grief.

Building Community

Independent Evaluation Results from Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) at Indiana University Northwest



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