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Interview December 28, 2021 

Life Worth Living in Faith


  • A  faith playbook to help you win in life

  • An in-depth look at the faith journey through challenging phases of life

  • Tools to understand faith as a lifestyle

Marriage Truths


• 20 powerful truths to thrive in marriage 

• Marriage conversation starters and refreshers

• Tools to write a mission and vision statement for your marriage 

The Secrets We Keep (Novel)

Gracie is a prominent doctor, married to David, a man who inherited a successful family business. They are on the verge of their 10th anniversary of marriage; however, secrets from the past attempt to hinder them from reaching their happily ever after. This sends David on a mission to prove that love is strong enough to overcome the pains of the past.

E-Book Available


  • No is a complete sentence.  This book provides strategies to gain clarity about the power of choosing to use No.

  • This book provides tools that empower you to discover the courage to say, “No.”

  • You will receive strategies that equip you to say No to the life that you don’t want, so that you can say Yes to the beautiful life that you deserve to live.

The Bridge that Brought Me Over Cover.png

The Bridge that Brought Me Over


  • A plan for you to be unshakeable when life tries to shake you or distract you

  • Solutions to win in every area  life

  • Tools that empower you to be unapologetically great in pursuit of fulfilling your purpose on earth

From Mourning to the Morning


  • Tools to develop a new normal in life

  • Tools to build a grief recovery support team

  • Strategies to continue to live a life that honors the legacy of your loved one

Abundant Life Publications Author Spotlight

Celebrates Publishing Book #16

Through absolute faith and perseverance, Shana Hope McKnight defied the odds to become known to the world as a Visually Impaired Lupus Warrior. Now she is a published author with Abundant Life Publications. Today she lives a productive life by educating people about the spectrum of blindness, rather in person or on social media. After going through being misdiagnosed and then experiencing several different hospitals during a global pandemic, she has now identified her new normal. Shana has discovered the resilience to get her life back on the right track and she offers this book, “I See Different” to offer hope and to share her valuable life lessons.

This is the 16th book published by Abundant Life Publications!

"I See Different"

Book Launch October 14, 2022

Book Sponsorship

This is an opportunity to expand your brand or service through the next published book of Abundant Life Publications.

The sponsorship includes a full page of advertising space in the print book, a full page of advertising space in the online version of the book, your company logo listed, your company website listed, and your book website can be linked to the Abundant Life Publications bookstore.  

A book review is required for an agreement to be signed.

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