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Shana Hope McKnight

Through absolute faith and perseverance, Shana Hope McKnight defied the odds to become known to the world as a Visually Impaired Lupus Warrior. Now she is a published author with Abundant Life Publications.  Today she lives a productive life by educating people about the spectrum of blindness, rather in person or on social media. After going through being misdiagnosed and then experiencing several different hospitals during a global pandemic, she has now identified her new normal.  Shana has discovered the resilience to get her life back on the right track and she offers this book, “I See Different” to offer hope and to share her valuable life lessons. 

I See Different

Purchase your autographed book and it will be mailed to you beginning October 14, 2022.


The book launch party is scheduled for Friday October 14, 2022, at 6p.m.  You are invited to purchase a ticket.  The ticket includes admission to the event and an autographed book. 

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