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Abundant Life Publications Represents the 

Singing & Speaking Career of 

Altovise Ferguson

Altovise Ferguson is a native of Gary, Indiana who began singing when she was 10 years old.  In 1994, she graduated as a Vocal Music Major from Emerson Visual & Performing Arts High School in Gary, Indiana.  She pursued a cosmetology career and became an actress with the West Side Theatre Guild where she starred in stage plays and films. She even had the opportunity to sing for Coretta Scott King and Michael Jackson.  However, she experienced a brief detour in her dreams.  Altovise was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer at the age of 27. She had to learn how to walk again through physical rehab. 

During chemotherapy treatments and rehab Altovise wrote songs and began to sing to patients in the hospital. Then she recorded the songs to inspire others.  Altovise was faced with yet another challenge when she had to endure throat surgery, after a long journey to regain physical strength. However, just as she survived cancer, she survived the surgery and returned to stages locally and nationally to sing with even more clarity of purpose in life.

Altovise recorded and released “Something out of Nothing” in 2015; it is a ground breaking song that has been well received by listening audiences locally and nationally. She has found her authentic voice and gained the strength to live out all her dreams.  Altovise currently travels the world singing and speaking to share her life story. As a result of her life story people have learned how to thrive in life.  Altovise released new music in 2020, "Won't Do It Again "her first credit as songwriter and co-producer. Altovise is available for singing and speaking engagements. 

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